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How do I move a receipt attached to an expense from one report to another?

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Community Manager
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There are a couple of ways to move a receipt from one report to another. If you have attached a receipt to an expense line item and want it transferred to a different report, you can move the expense line item itself, and the attached receipt will be moved into the selected report along with the expense line item.


To move a receipt and the line item is is attached to: 

  1. On an expense report open, select the expense line item (with attached receipt) that you want to move.
  2. Click Move to and a list of available reports appears.
  3. Click the desired report or click New Report to create a new one; The expense (along with receipt attached) is removed from the original report and appears in the selected report.


If you have attached a receipt to an expense line item and want only the receipt moved, while retaining the expense in the same report, you can detach the receipt.


To detach a receipt from a line item:

  1. On an open expense report, select the expense line item from which you want to detach the receipt. The entry details appear with the receipt image on the right.
  2. Click the Detach button. The detached receipt image will go into your Available Receipts section.
  3. Open the expense report that has the line item that needs the receipt. 
  4. Attach the receipt to appropriate line item. 



If on the Legacy UI, follow these steps:

  1. From an open expense report, mouse over the Receipt Imaged Received icon SAPConcurTeam_2-1624655225898.png.
  2. The receipt image opens in its own window.
  3. Click Detach From Entry.



If you have attached a receipt to the report header level (by going to Manage Receipts), the option to delete is available, however, all receipts attached to the report will be deleted by this action. To delete receipt(s) from the report header, you can go to Manage Receipts > Manage Attachments and click Delete.


(If on the Legacy UI, go to Details > View Receipt Images, then click Delete.). Deleted receipts will go into your Available Receipts section.