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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Feedback request: Help us help new users!

In order to get ahead of potential roadblocks or frustrations to help new users, we want to know…what are some problems you’re facing/came across in your first ~6 months of using Concur Expense? (ex: getting an error message when trying to submit a report, trouble resetting your password, issues with pending card transactions, etc.).

Routine Member - Level 1

Hi @Camilla10 

Some feedback that I have from my users.


Expense users:

  • Software bugs (version upgrades).
  • Missing functionalities in mobile
    • combine and separate button.
    • move expenses from one report to another.
    • data don't copy from original to itemization (Transaction date, Receipt status,…)
  • Expenseit
    • wrong date recognition.
    • wrong currency recognition.
    • wrong vendor name recognition
    • wrong merchant tax id recognition
  • CC transactions
    • not intuitive
    • some times expense and cc transaction don't combine automatically.

Processor users:

  • Audit Rules Visibility, impossibility to create specific rules only for Traveler/User or Approvers.
  • Process reports
    • Check receipt image not user friendly, it would be better to have the capability to split the screen in three parts: Expenses List - Expense Details - Receipt.
    • Expense List “Grouped by” option could be fine to have an Amount total in each group.



SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Thank you very much for this detailed response!

Routine Member - Level 1

Hello @Camilla10 


Another one;


Expense users:

  • Default payment type by user.



Occasional Member - Level 1

I cannot get logged on; every time it tells me my password is incorrect; sends me a reset which I do then when I try the new password it doesn't work either!   Cheryl Verrette/id clverre1