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2024 Q1 Release Highlights & Product Tips

Staying on top of product updates is a crucial part of your role. The good news is we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of recent product updates and tips to help you maximize your SAP Concur solutions.  Access the full infographic or view a snapshot of the list below:



Shared Update | Applies to All Products



New Sign-In Settings Page
To centralize sign in policy settings and simplify the process of setting login policies, SAP Concur implemented a new Sign-In Settings page, which is now available to SAP Concur administrators. The Sign-In Settings page enables you to define the login policy for your SAP Concur solution.


If an existing user signs in with a password that does not meet the requirements you set in the Sign-In Settings page, they will be prompted to update their password to meet the requirements. When a new user creates their password, their password must meet the requirements you set on the Sign-In Settings page.

For more information and instructions on how to access the Sign-In Settings page to define the login policy for your SAP Concur solutions, please visit the release notes.


With Concur
Sign-in With Concur (SiwC) functionality enables a partner application to access a user’s SAP Concur account through an authorized endpoint. To enhance the consistency of the user sign in experience, allow users to sign in through Single Sign On (SSO), if applicable, and enable the localization of the sign in page, SAP Concur implemented improvements to SiwC.


Users who are prompted to sign into their SAP Concur account through a partner app or other method that uses SiwC functionality will now see an updated sign in page with the option to review a list of the information the application is authorized to access if the user signs into their SAP Concur solutions through SiwC.

No action is required as this change occurred automatically. Additional information can be found in the release notes.



Concur Expense

ExpenseIt for Web (
To reduce data entry efforts for users and improve expense transaction itemizations, ExpenseIt is now available on the web for Concur Expense standard edition. If your company has ExpenseIt, your users can now upload receipts through familiar steps in Concur Expense to automatically create expense entries for a report. For Concur Expense professional edition, ExpenseIt for web was rolled out over the course of a week starting January 15.


No user action is required. ExpenseIt for web will be automatically enabled for all users on entities that have purchased ExpenseIt. For details and additional updates to the ExpenseIt user interface (UI), please view the release notes.


Expense Report Itemizations
To reduce time spent on creating and editing itemizations, SAP Concur added several usability enhancements. When creating an expense report, a new Save and Add Another button in the Itemizations screen is enabled for users to create itemizations faster. The More Actions menu is replaced with individual Edit, Delete, Copy, and Allocate buttons to emphasize the different actions available.


No configuration or activation steps are required; these enhancements are available automatically. For additional information, visit the release notes.


Audit Rule Support for Employee’s Start and Termination Dates
To ensure users can create expenses incurred only during their employment period, you can now build audit rules in Concur Expense utilizing the user’s employment period.

Additionally, you have the option to construct an audit rule that allows expenses a week or so before the start of a user’s employment, for example, if a user had to incur work-related expenses before the start of their employment.


When creating audit rules using date fields, you can see Start Date and Termination Date listed as fields associated with the employee.


The change occurs automatically; there are no additional configuration steps required. For more details and example screenshots, please view the release notes.


SAP Concur mobile app 

Expanded ExpenseIt and Credit Card Support for Delegate Users
To expand the support for delegates, ExpenseIt now supports delegate functionality via the SAP Concur mobile app. Delegates are users who have been granted permission to act on behalf of another user. For the delegate functionality to work, the delegate relationship must first be established in the user’s profile settings on the web. Once the delegate relationship is established, the delegate can use ExpenseIt in the SAP Concur mobile app to capture receipt images and manipulate credit card feeds while acting as another user.


This feature is enabled by default on both iOS and Android. There are no configuration steps. For additional information, review the release notes.

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