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How to Mistake-Proof Your Compliance Process

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Compliance is more important now than ever before. That means there's little room for mistakes that could be big time suckers and lead to problems down the road.

But how can you really prevent non-compliance before an expense report is even submitted? And in the fast-paced environment we live in today, how can you detect non-compliance after-the-fact to correct errors? In this short video, you will hear from Lisa Kelley, Senior Value Consultant and former SAP Concur customer, on her top tips and "mistake-proof" methods to help you craft the right approach when it comes to T&E compliance.


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Prefer to read? Here are our top tips pulled from this video for quick learning:



Tip #1: Encourage corporate card usage for more accurate details and less errors.


As a key prevention tool in your compliance toolbox, the rich transactional data coming through on a corporate card feed into SAP Concur ensures that correct amounts, vendors, dates and other transactional details are accurate. Whereas with cash spend, there is manual input by the submitter and a much higher likelihood for errors. 

Manager (or Approver) Review Is another common step used in the prevention of non-compliance. This does come with risk, however. For example, are those managers trained regarding what they should be looking for? Are they expected to detect noncompliance and send it back? Are they rubber stamping? Are they making exceptions for their own employees?


Tip #2: Make sure your managers (approvers) are trained to properly detect non-compliance spend - especially if your business solely relies on this group to catch red flags.



Tip #3: Only detect what you cannot prevent.



Preventing noncompliance pre-submission reduces the amount of focus needed on detecting noncompliance post submission. Simple enough, right?! Consider which actions might be quick wins to get you started.


For example, is it possible to encourage and expand corporate card use by targeting key areas of spend, like air, hotel and car rental, as well as those users with high cash submissions? If you currently use audit rules and exception messages, could you review those to ensure they are effective in enforcing key policy areas? How effective is your current expense report review process? 



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