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Not able to find cost center in my expenses report



I would like to charge my current expenses to another cost center but i not able to find that cost center(73990). Please advice. 

Super User
Super User

Hello @shandich 


As far as I know:

  1. Cost centers are stored in Concur Expense Lists.
  2. These lists can have a hierarchy structure, for example Company --> Division --> Cost Center
  3. These lists can be updated automatically or manually depending on your Concur configuration.
  4. Your concur user may be assigned to the hierarchy structure, at any level (or all levels) Company --> Division --> Cost Center


Please, check with your Concur Admin (IT or Admin and Finance Department) and let them know about the issue, maybe you are assigned to a hierarchy structure level without this Cost Center or maybe the Cost Center is not updated in Concur.


Hope it helps.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@shandich I was looking at your site configuration. Cost Center is associated to what we call a connected list. It is connected to Company Code. You have an assigned company code on your profile. How it works is, company codes have certain cost centers associated to them. The company code assigned to you does not have Cost Center 73990 associated to it, that is why you cannot find it. My guess is that because Cost Center 73990 isn't associated to the company code you are assigned, that your company doesn't want you charging to that cost center. Either that or that cost center wasn't entered into the list of available cost centers. I would speak to your direct manager about charging to other cost centers. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi Kevin,


Currently, I am still transitioning to a new team with cost center (73990). My guess is it because these are from different Intel site that is why I cant see it. (eg: Intel Malaysia and Intel US)