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Uploading and saving receipts without submitting

Hi, I am trying to think of an easy way for my CEO to upload his receipts as soon as he gets on and save them somewhere on the Concur app for me to process/ submit later?

I was thinking of using expenselt but im not really sure so any help would be much appreciated, thank you!!

Super User
Super User

Hi @Sandrine 


I will recommend you to push your company to go through Concur Mobile APP, this is the easiest way to upload receipts ASAP to Concur.


You have some options here:

  1. Full Mobile APP, receipt capture + process + report submission.  --> All done by your user.
  2. Mix Mobile APP and Web, receipt capture (Expenseit) + process (web) + report submission (Web)  --> Expenseit done by your user and the reset by a delegate.

Another option is to use Concur Mobile APP withouth Expenseit, I only recommend doing that if you just need to have the receipt in Concur with no OCR involved, then all other steps will be manual.



New Member - Level 1

Many thanks for this. We do use Concur Mobile APP which is great but the issue is that I am submitting receipts on behalf of my CEO so he would need to upload/ save receipts somewhere on Concur on a given day and then for me to process them later. Is that possible? thanks!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Sandrine all the CEO needs to do is launch the mobile app and from the home screen, use the camera icon at the bottom of the screen labeled Receipts. This will turn on his phone's camera. Point it at the receipt and take a picture. This image will then be saved into his available receipts to be used later. As his delegate, you will be able to see these receipt images when you go into his expense report as his delegate. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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We use email to from a a verified email address in their SAP Concur profile. Works well for delegate and for regular travelers who do not want to use mobile app.


All receipts are available almost immediately.


For more information: