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Assign Employee to Pcard Program

Hi,  I have a question regarding Assigning Card programs for employees that is creating accounting issues in our ERP.

I understand that I need to assign new card holders to our PCard program or their card transactions will fall under a General Expense report. Typically I suspend the new card until they notify me that they need to make a purchase and I set reminders to watch for the transaction to come across in Concur and then assign the card to the PCard Program. However, because I can only assign after the transaction has occurred, this is what creates accounting issues in our ERP. Another example is when card holder has received a new card due to fraud and they do not tell me, these transactions fall into a GE again also creates accounting issues in our ERP.

In the future, will Concur make assigning to the PCard Program an automatic process before the transaction is posted? 


I do run the Unassigned Report and that does help, only to prevent the GE from being created, however, the transaction is already posted into Concur.


Thanks for insights you might have.