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Add email in Approval Flow

Hi all,


I'm looking for a solution to my company's travel process. Currently, each time a travel request has been approved by our CFO, or when a trip is automatically approved and confirmation has been sent to our CFO, he has to forward the trip details to accounting, who allocates the expense to a particular cost center. We would like a way for an email to automatically be sent to accounting, so our CFO (or anyone really) does not need to engage in this manual work. What are the procedures for adding automatic emails in Concur? What user(s) within the system has those capabilities? At the moment I am a bit unfamiliar with the procedures and intricacies of SAP Concur. 


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there, 

Question for you, what determines if the CFO has to approve a trip or if it is automatically approved? Is it possible that all trips could be auto-approved? If so, then 


What you might consider doing is setting up an Accounting user profile in SAP Concur. I am going off the assumption that your Accounting department has a generic email inbox that is monitored by most everyone in Accounting or something like that. When you set up the Accounting profile, use the generic accounting email address for that profile. Then you can have your travelers add this profile to their travel profile as a Travel Arranger. That way Accounting will receive a notification when all these travelers do their bookings. 


It's something to discuss with your team. 



Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Basically, if there are any violations of the travel policy, or if the price of the flight is $X amount higher than the cheapest flight, it would require approval by CFO. Only domestic flights which are within the policy are automatically approved. But thank you for your response, this seems like a helpful solution! We currently have an employee who acts as a travel arranger and will often book on behalf of travelers. How many travel arrangers are travelers able to add to their profile? Would we need to remove our old travel arranger for the sake of adding an accounting profile?

Thanks again.