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New Member - Level 1

Cannot login to Concur Mobile App

Couldnt find the troubleshooting board to post this in so if an admin can move this to the right board that would be appreciated. My issue is that my account is unable to sign into the app.

Our company has us set new password every 6 months and our SSO is linked to our concur. When the user updated the password for the SSO it didnt seem to roll over to the app. The user can sign into Concur on the web app with no issues. But when I try to update the password for the mobile app it says it is invalid whether we use the new password or the one before we set the new password. We have tried uninstalling the app and re installing but no luck, anyone else have this issue?

Thanks in advance

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello JaredWiltshire, 


Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear you are facing this issue. We would recommend reaching out to your Authorized Support Contact who can further assist you with this problem. If you need help determining who that is, feel free to private message us and we'd be happy to provide you with that information. 



Beshoy Maoud
SAP Concur - Site Manager

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