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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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The Customer Influence Website is a joke

@MelanieT The Customer Influence Website is a joke … you have to know what asset needs to be improved. I was told by the SAP Help Team to submit my suggestion in the Community. So I did.

Why does there need to be yet another site, with another login and password, to achieve the same goal. Oh, and to setup your account on that website, you have to receive a verification email and click the link to be able to finish setting up your account and logging in.

So it is obvious that SAP has the know-how to use an email for verification … why not simply instate that as an option for users that do not have a smart device.


Utilizing a web browser authenticator is not nearly as secure as SAPConcur sending an authentication code via email to the known email address on the account, with a code in the email. 

As cyber-security goes, if this is truly to make everything more secure, then for people without a smart device, the option for an email with a code to be sent to them is much more secure than utilizing a web browser authenticator option. 

My company has been the victim of a cyber-attack in the past, luckily we recovered without paying the ransom. However for this reason alone, my company does not want to utilize the Chrome, Edge, or other browser authenticator options. We currently use Microsoft Authenticator app, which does not have web option, and also offers the option for a text message code to be sent to the employee. 

The 2FA needs to be updated to not only use an authenticator, but to offer the text or email options in order to truly be accepted by the users without smart devices. 


Another layer of SAP/Concur ridiculousness, in my opinion.

Who Me Too'd this topic