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About the Author
Susan Berg is a seasoned technology executive with a strong background driving business growth through customer success. As the Vice President of Customer Experience Transformation for SAP Concur, Susan oversees the customer experience strategy, one that is designed to build enduring trust with customers through every interaction they have with SAP Concur. Susan and her team lead SAP Concur in how to use customer feedback to run the business at our best, partnering across the business to execute continuous improvement initiatives. Susan’s initial years at Concur were focused on helping make life easier for End Users in her role as the business leader for TripIt (Concur’s consumer travel product) and End User Engagement for SAP Concur’s suite of solutions. Prior to SAP Concur, Susan was a General Manager at Microsoft and Vice President at the Walt Disney Internet Group.

In These Challenging Times: You Said. We’re Acting.

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Dear SAP Concur Customers,


“One of the most important things you can do on this Earth is let people know they are not alone.”


The words of author Shannon Alder are especially meaningful these days as we adjust to the experience of social distancing and quarantine mandates that have transformed the business landscape. People are separated from each other, and businesses are separated from their customers.


I’m writing this message to let you know that SAP Concur is here for you. We want to stay connected virtually as your trusted business partner, providing business continuity guidance to help your company navigate this challenging business environment. For example, as so many companies see large drops in business, spend control and visibility have never mattered more. But how can your company quickly adapt as the world continues to change?


We’ve reached out to many of you in the past few weeks, talking with companies large and small, and listened as you told us about your current business challenges. Based on what you shared matters most right now, here are some examples of the free business guidance we will provide in the weeks ahead:


  • Best practices for implementing work-from-home expense policy management
  • Insights into effectively managing your travel program during these times of change
  • Key factors to consider when adjusting your company’s T&E policy to address today’s environment
  • Change management leadership to help you roll out your SAP Concur solution remotely

These are just some of the complimentary training sessions we are providing. More topics are being discussed as we continue to reach out and share our travel, expense and invoice best practice guidance based on what matters most to you. To learn more about what’s available, please visit our Timely Topics Education Series.


Additionally, we know it can be helpful to connect with other companies like yours, to learn how your peers are managing through similar challenges. So, we’re looking into ways we can leverage our SAP Concur Community to help make those connections and let you share your experiences and learn from others in your industry.


At SAP Concur, we measure our success based on your success. We’re working hard to provide the same great experience you’ve come to expect from our business solutions, while also providing business continuity insights based on working with hundreds of thousands of customers across the globe, and near your home.


Ultimately, we will get through this together, because none of us is alone.