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Support Phone Number

For Administrators and Authorized Support Contacts:
Call +1 855-895-4815 and select the Authorized Support Contact option from the menu. See more information.

For End Users:
To see what your support options are, please read: SAP Concur Support Overview.

Top 5 Most Common Issues That Cannot be Resolved on the Community: Part II

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Hello everyone. Last year I posted an article about issues that cannot be resolved here on the Community because they must be handled by the person(s) at your company's that are the SAP Concur site administrator(s). 


I have now gathered five more issues that will require you to get help internally. Remember, looking in the Company Notes section (if you have it) on the SAP Concur home page is one of the best places to find your internal help contact information. 


1. Can I be reimbursed for certain expenses (for example, work from home expenses) and if so, what is the allowance? - This is a company specific question. We here on the community will not know what your company policy is regarding what you are allowed to submit for reimbursement and what your spend limits are. Best thing to do is speak with your direct manager about what is allowed since they will likely be the first person to review and approve your submitted expenses. 


2. Which department, cost center, project, job number or WBS should I select? - These types of fields are customized specific to your organization. Here on the community we will not know what combinations are allowed at your company or how you are supposed to charge your expenses against these business units. Your direct manager is the best resource to help with this issue. If they do not know, then contact your company's internal SAP Concur site administrator.  


3. Why wasn't my report approved or why was it sent back? - This is a question for either your default approver or the expense processor. When an approver or processor sends a report back, they are required to provide a comment explaining what to do. You can see the comment right on the report when you click Expense at the top of the SAP Concur home screen and land on the Manage Expenses screen. You can also see comments when the report is open by clicking Report Details. 


4. What expense type should I use? - Sometimes you have a business expense, but it does not really match to anything in the list of your available expense type list. Many times companies have a Miscellaneous expense type that can be used, but if you think this might get returned back, then speak with your direct manager about the best expense type to choose. Expenses are coded to certain general ledger account numbers and we don't want to advise you incorrectly on coding your expense. 


5. I do not have an expense approver assigned - Expense approvers are assigned to your SAP Concur profile, but must be assigned by your company's internal SAP Concur site administrator. Speak with your direct manager or look in the Company Notes section of the SAP Concur home screen for your internal help contact information.