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How do I renew/update my SSO certificate?

Community Manager
Community Manager
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To update your SSO Certificate:

  1. Obtain the Signing Certificate from your SSO provider.
  2. Once this has been obtained, create a case with SAP Concur Support and attach the Signing Certificate to the case in either a .txt, .pem, .xml or .cer file on base 64. 
  3. Include your updated Login URL and Logout URL if necessary. 
  4. If applicable, specify which of your SSO configurations with Concur you need renewed or updated (e.g. Secondary SSO, Partner SSO, etc.).You can provide the Endpoint URL/Reply URL configured on your SSO for the Support Engineer to identify.
  5. If unsure, provide an SAML response of an SSO login attempt. This will help the Support Engineer determine which configuration you are currently using. 


Once this information is provided a support Engineer will upload the certificate to your site. The Concur SSO configuration allows for two certificates to run concurrently. That provides the ability to load a new certificate while allowing the old certificate to continue until expiration. This allows for a seamless transition between them.