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How do I recall a processed expense report in SAP Concur?

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Expense Processors can recall expense reports they have already approved, if needed. The one requirement to recall reports to the processor step is that the report must be in an open batch. Reports that are in a closed batch, cannot be recalled to the Processor step. 


To recall a report to the processor step:

  1. From the Process Reports screen, click the dropdown arrow for the first search field.
  2. From the list of dropdown options, select Employee Last Name.
  3. In the next search criteria field (moving left to right), select Equals.
  4. In the third search criteria field, type the last of the employee. 
  5. Click the dropdown arrow for the fourth search criteria field, then select Approval Status from the list.
  6. Click the dropdown arrow for the fifth search criteria field, then select Equals.
  7. Click the dropdown arrow fo the sixth search criteria field, then select Approved.
  8. Click Go. All reports that are in an Approved status for the employee display.
  9. Click on the report that needs to be recalled. The report opens.
  10. Click the Recall to Processor button.

Note: Some companies have separate batches for company card expenses and out-of-pocket expenses. If the report that  needs to be recalled is split between these two batches and one of these two batches is already closed, the report cannot be recalled.