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How do I add my Concur Travel plans to my Outlook calendar?

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Community Manager
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The Calendar Integration feature is enabled by your company’s SAP Concur administrator. Once enabled, it  automatically populates users’ travel plans to their Outlook calendars. That is, when a user books a trip and it shows up in their trip list, Concur Travel also populates the travel data to the user’s calendar.


To enable Calendar Integration:

  1. Log in to SAP Concur.
  2. Click Profile in the top right of the screen.
  3.  Click Profile Settings; this will take you to your Profile Settings page.
  4. Under Other Settings on the left side of the screen, click System Settings.
  5. On the System Settings page, under the Calendar Sync Preferences be sure that the option Disable Calendar Integration is unchecked.
  6. If you only want Air and Rail reservations added to your calendar, click the Add ONLY Air and Rail to my calendar checkbox.
  7. Click Save.



Note the following:

  • If a trip is modified or cancelled in Concur Travel, it reflects accordingly on the calendar as well.
  • In order for this integration to work, the user’s email address (primary) in the SAP Concur profile must be the same as their email address in Microsoft Exchange.
  • If an assistant/arranger/delegate needs to have a traveler’s plans on their calendar, the traveler must share or forward the invite to them.

To read more about Calendar Integration or if you are an Administrator and need information on how to enable Calendar Integration for your company, check our training website.