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Support Phone Number

For Administrators and Authorized Support Contacts:
Call +1 (855) 895-4815 and select the Authorized Support Contact option from the menu. See more information.

For End Users:
To access your dedicated User Support Desk phone number, please log into your SAP Concur system, click on Help, then click on Contact Support. See more information.

Can I use SAP Concur to Book Personal Travel?

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Community Manager
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SAP Concur can be used to book personal travel if it is allowed by your company policy. To know if your company allows personal travel booking on SAP Concur, check your company’s travel policy by navigating to the SAP Concur Home Page > Travel Policy found in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.



To book personal travel on SAP Concur:

  1. Navigate to the Travel tab.
  2. Enter search criteria.
  3. Make selections.
  4. Complete trip reservation.
  5. Trip reservation will show under the Travel tab > Trip Library.

If you need to remove a personal trip that showed up in your trip library:

  1. Go to the Travel tab on SAP Concur.
  2. Click on Trip Library.
  3. Find the trip that you want to delete.
  4. Click Remove > Yes.

To add a personal credit card for travel booking, read this article: How do I add a personal credit card for travel booking?