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Supported Credit Card Countries - Poland



Please give me the link to the latest version of Supported Credit Card forPoland:


I have two lists:


AirPlus International - Lodge and Corporate Card
American Express - Amex
Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA - VISA
Bank of America - MasterCard
Barclays - VISA
BNP - MasterCard
Citibank - MasterCard and VISA
Danske Bank - MasterCard
mBank S.A. - MasterCard




AirPlus - Lodge and Corporate Card
American Express - Amex
Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA - VISA
Bank of America - MasterCard
Bank of Ireland - MasterCard
BarclayCard - VISA
BNP - MasterCard
Citibank - MasterCard and VISA
Danske Bank - MasterCard
Elavon Bank (U.S Bank affiliate) - VISA
HSBC - MasterCard and Visa
ING Bank - MasterCard
Lloyds TSB - Visa
mBank S.A. - MasterCard
SEB Kort - Eurocard

Community Manager
Community Manager

@bytomagn this is what I found internally:

AirPlus - Lodge and Corporate Card
American Express - Corporate Card
Bank Handlowy w Warszawie  - VISA
Bank of America - MasterCard
Bank of Ireland - MasterCard
BarclayCard - VISA
BNP - MasterCard
Citibank - MasterCard and VISA
Danske Bank - MasterCard
Elavon Bank (U.S Bank affiliate) - VISA
HSBC - MasterCard and Visa
ING Bank - MasterCard
Jeeves - MasterCard and VISA
Lloyds TSB - Visa 
mBank S.A. - MasterCard
SEB Kort - Eurocard
Soldo - MasterCard

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Thank You


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Same here! Opened a NRO account, got a permanent Indian mobile (will be paying for it when not using) and UPI. Completely bonkers how they make policies and don’t imaging any basic downstream effects like tourism. Sure the policy makers must be living in their own imaginary world. For me inability to book tickets to Kasi was the last straw. You are basically reduced to a non functional being. Very frustrating and disappointing