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Occasional Member - Level 1


This is a totally random question. What are the badges for? I received an email informing me that had acquired one. Turns out I have three. I do not know what they are for or the possible uses. Any help is appreciated. thanks,

Super User
Super User

Hello @DarrenB1 


Here there's a link that It can resolve your question:




Community Manager
Community Manager

@DarrenB1 the badges aren't used for anything tangible. They are to recognize community members for achieving certain milestones and their participation on the Community. Three is a good start. Let's see how many you can get. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Thanks for the response. I did not know that i was a "member". This question was only generated because i received an email stating that i had received a badge. I have onl;y been on here one other time ( a long time ago) so how did i get a badge? To get more badges am i to use this like a type of face book?

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Follow the link that @cjmarimo posted above.  When you go to 'View All Badges' under your Profile you can see all of the badges and the criteria for earning them.