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How Do I Receive Badges?

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We challenge you to receive the most badges possible!

Registered community members are rewarded with badges for being an engaged community member. Badges are a way we say thanks and recognize you for being an engaged, helpful, and active member on the SAP Concur Community.

How do I view my badges?

Click on the top right profile picture then click on My profile. Within your profile the top left is where you can click on View all badges. Then you can click on the various badges to read their descriptions.


How do I earn badges?

There are many ways to earn badges, but some key tips are:

  • Complete your profile
  • Provide an answer to a question
  • Ask questions and create posts within the forums and groups
  • Kudo other posts you find helpful or enjoyable
  • Receive kudos by creating helpful and well-formed posts
  • Participate in our AMAs

Once you complete an action or set of actions the corresponding badge will be automatically assigned to you.