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Requesting Adjustments for the SAP Concur Connector for NetSuite

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As business and processes evolve with time, so do integration requirements between systems. In the event you need an adjustment to your integration between SAP Concur and Oracle NetSuite, SAP Concur has specialist teams to properly scope each task. Please note any adjustment requests may be billable, and we will provide the specific quote for your approval if applicable. 


Our managed integration between SAP Concur and Oracle NetSuite includes the following packaged connectors: 









In the event you are looking to add your first connector for either Concur Expense or Concur Invoice, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM).  You can always request your CSM email address by submitting an SAP Concur support ticket. 


Otherwise, you can simply create an SAP Concur support case with your request. Our offerings include: 


  • New connectors: 
    New Concur payment types, new groups, switching to other Oracle NetSuite record types, or using features such as Credit Memo or Cash Advance may require new connectors to accomplish your business requirements. 
  • Mapping adjustments: 
    Mapping new fields from SAP Concur to Oracle NetSuite or adding new logic. 
  • Consultation sessions for new administrator: 
    A consultation plan and sessions to instruct new SAP Concur and/or Oracle NetSuite administrators on the connector implementation, from general behavior to specific mappings. 
  • Additional Tax Configuration: 
    SAP Concur value-added tax (VAT) data can be sent to NetSuite using Tax Codes, Tax Groups or separate expense lines using Expense Accounts or Categories.
  • Enable proactive case creation: 
    Our integrations are always improving, and we currently support the proactive case creation feature for Concur Expense Report, Concur Invoice and Payment Confirmation connectors. 
  • Test scenarios in Sandbox: 
    Test scenarios in an SAP Concur sandbox and/or a Oracle NetSuite sandbox instance or configure a permanent sandbox-to-sandbox connection. 
    Please note the sandbox environments must be already fully set up and recently refreshed. 
  • Switch to a new Oracle NetSuite instance. 


To expedite the scoping process, you may include: 

  • A description of your request; 
  • One or more records for testing: Expense Reports, Invoices, Vendors, or List Items depending on the request; 
  • The desired testing environments for SAP Concur and Oracle NetSuite: production or sandbox? 
    Please note the sandbox environment must be already setup and recently refreshed, and this may take longer hours to complete. 
About This Author
I am an SAP Concur data integration consultant for the SAP Concur Financial Connector for NetSuite. I have been implementing, supporting and documenting our solution for integrating SAP Concur Expense and Invoice data to the Oracle NetSuite ERP since 2021. Outside of working hours, I enjoy playing games and music, studying programming and cooking.