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New Member - Level 1

Hotel Booking

How can I reserve a hotel for someone where it says NOT ALLOWED? 


Thank you


Routine Member - Level 2

There's a travel rule in place that's inhibiting you from booking this hotel (for whatever reason).
You need to book either offline or talk with whoever creates your rules as to why the rule is in place.
You can sometimes click on the ! icon and see a little more info to help decipher it (but not much)

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ArlingtonB2022 @sasrsc is correct. Not Allowed means your company has a rule blocking this booking. Does the person need to stay at this hotel? Fastest resolution is to choose a different property. 


Then see if you can find out from your company's travel admin why this property is blocked.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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