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Invoice image link options - exporting image links, integration with Dynamics GP

Hi there everyone - fairly new to the Concur Invoice world here, but we're looking for a way to find the link, or URL, or other string that we can send to another Concur user so that they can just click on that link/URL and be taken right to that invoice image.  Is this possible?


If so, it'd be a great tool for CFO's/Managers reviewing a list of invoices for payment approval, or for auditors.  Also, if this link/URL is a field available in Concur Invoice somewhere, can we add it to our Payment Extract download, so that maybe it would be able to get imported into our accounting system (Dynamics GP)?  We'd love to be able to build this without going with a full integration / full service connector like the Connects tools from Wipfli/Brittenford.  Anyone know if this possible or have tried it?




SAP Concur, Former Employee

Great question! Thanks for posting.


I am interested to hear what your fellow community members suggest. I am sure others have had a similar question. 



Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

It is not possible to send a static link to a CFO or Manager for security reasons.  Anyone that could obtain that URL would be able to view the Invoice image.  Instead, what we can do is leverage web services to create a dynamic link back to the image stored in Concur.  This link is valid for maximum 30 minutes and is only accessible through a web service request.  For more details... you can read about it here: 


Pat - feel free to reach out to me directly if you have more questions. 

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Along the same lines as Pat, we are new to Concur and we are doing payments via a different system, and there is no way for the managers in the payment system to easily link back to the invoices in Concur.   Assuming a link doesn't work, as asked above, is there a way to extract the actual invoice PDF when doing an extract?  Maybe a way to do it via intelligence?


If not how else can managers review Invoices without having to be logged into concur and searching for each individual invoice. 





SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Yes, you can export images using an Image Delivery Extract.  This extract is available on our enhanced platform.  Double check with support to make sure you're on the correct platform.  If you are... support can enable this extract.  Alternatively you can export images directly through the application or using our Image API (web services). 

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I have been working on pulling Bulk Images for a reporting project and the API is very lacking. The Expense Images API v3 will tell you, you need to use v1 for reporting but v1 is deprecated so you can't create new apps with it.

" Note: This API is not designed to obtain the receipt images attached to an expense report. If you are an Enterprise Partner creating integrations that are intended to obtain final-approved Expense or Invoice data, and the accompanying receipt images that substantiate those transactions you will need to use Image v1. These scenarios include, but are not limited to: ERP integrations for financial journal entry postings, VAT reclaim integrations that obtain transactions to calculate VAT reclaim, project billing integrations used to substantiate expenses billed back, etc. "

I found this forum post this week that basically spells it out.
Simple Answer: You can't do it without asking SAP to make something special for your company.