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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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Invoice image link options - exporting image links, integration with Dynamics GP

Hi there everyone - fairly new to the Concur Invoice world here, but we're looking for a way to find the link, or URL, or other string that we can send to another Concur user so that they can just click on that link/URL and be taken right to that invoice image.  Is this possible?


If so, it'd be a great tool for CFO's/Managers reviewing a list of invoices for payment approval, or for auditors.  Also, if this link/URL is a field available in Concur Invoice somewhere, can we add it to our Payment Extract download, so that maybe it would be able to get imported into our accounting system (Dynamics GP)?  We'd love to be able to build this without going with a full integration / full service connector like the Connects tools from Wipfli/Brittenford.  Anyone know if this possible or have tried it?




Who Me Too'd this topic