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Occasional Member - Level 1

How can I download receipts only for meal?

usually employees submit expense report with many item (like meal, taxi, office supplies...)

I want to extract receipts only for meal. but I'm not certain this is possible..😥



Community Manager
Community Manager

@icedamericano48 are you wanting to extract the receipt images of other employees? Are you wanting to extract the all the receipts from an expense report or just certain receipt images?


What is the business need you have for extracting receipt images?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

@KevinD , Good day! 🙂

I want to extract receipt image of all employee's meal receipt used in specific period.

at this time, the only method I know is enter the employee's report → arrange the expense line in order → and click the <meal> item → and download the receipt image.

is there any method to extract specific receipt image in bulk?

@icedamericano48 Here is what I found from our knowledge base. Excuse the length, but it has lots of information. 🙂


Professional clients can choose from the below options with regards to the retrieval of receipt images:
  • Pulling up expense reports/invoices individually and manually downloading each receipt image one at a time.
  • Activating the daily Image Delivery Extract job. This job will extract the receipts for all the daily extracted expense reports in that days extract. This job requires that the client have an Concur FTP site setup where we will deliver the image files. There is no charge to setup this job, but there may be a charge for the FTP site if the client doesn't have one already.
  • Historical Receipt Image Extract. This option allows us to collect all the images used in a client's entity and send them to the client's Concur configured sFTP (if you don't have one please contact your Account Manager to request it) . The client would need to store these images internally so that they can be accessed as needed. This option is billable and the cost is determined by the total amount of image data.
  • Web Services. Our Web Services team will work with the client to build a web service through which the client could pull bulk images on demand. This option is also billable.

Once you decide on one of these options, please create a SAP Concur Support Case.
The case will be forwarded to the correct team. If the option is billable, the responsible Concur team will handle the quotation which will be forwarded to the client's Account Manager who will produce the Additional Sales Order Form.
Once the document is signed, the responsible SAP Concur team will handle the delivery of the receipt image files.

See details below In case you are opting for the Historical Receipt Image Extract (Only Professional clients) :

With the Historical Image Delivery Extract service, companies can receive a copy of their images – in bulk – that can then be stored and used to satisfy their audit requirements or used for their other needs.

The Historical Image Delivery Extract service provides company admins or auditors full access to their company's expense images by doing the following:
  •  Collects the images associated with the reports that are set to the Paid status in the accounting extract
  •  Provides access to historical images upon request by an ASC via SAP Concur support
NOTE: The images provided by SAP Concur support are copies. The original images are still available via SAP Concur support. Historical image extract requests are one-time events and not recurring.

Image Delivery is available if your company:

• Uses Concur Expense, Concur Travel & Expense, or Concur Invoice
• Has a pre-existing SFTP site with SAP Concur solutions
• Is using the Professional edition

What is the Cost?
Historical Image Extract services are billable based on the size of the images in a specific date range and the time to complete processing the extract due to specific custom filtering of the data requested by your company.
Creating a Historical Image Extracts Service Request
To request the Historical Image Delivery Extract service, the following steps need to occur:
  1.  Your company needs to open a case with SAP Concur support and indicate a date range or a set of specific reports to extract.
  2.  SAP Concur support reviews and provides your company and account manager a quote with the number of hours required for the request.
  3. Your account manager then provides you with the final amount through a Sales Order Form (SOF).
  4.  As soon as your company signs the SOF, a project is created - which SAP Concur assigns to a specialist within 3 business days - after which the image extraction can start.
Service Details
The following details show what is expected in terms of format, form, and functionality when receiving the Historical Image Delivery Extract service:
  • Provides extracts of the image .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .html, .tif, or .tiff files associated to reports/invoices that have been fully approved
  • Each PDF contained within the extracted file consists of a combination of the following image types, depending upon the images that your company faxed or uploaded:
W9 images

NOTE: Digital Tax Invoice (xml) receipts are not extracted by the Imaging Delivery tool.
  • Each image in the zip file is named using the report ID it belongs to
  • Image Delivery includes images from all modules (Concur Expense, Concur Invoice, Concur Travel) in the same bulk file
  • Extracts consist of all image files whether submitted by fax or file upload or images attached using mobile/cell phones
  • Orphaned images files that correspond to deleted expense reports are not extracted
  • The Image extract will be encrypted using the same PGP key that other extract files delivered to the same SFTP
  • It is not possible to push the Image extract to a secondary SFTP server or use a secondary PGP key specific to deliver these Images
  • The Image extract cannot be pushed to a subfolder within the SFTP. It will be pushed to the "/out" folder together with the other extract files
  • Images are delivered digitally and cannot be extracted on physical drives such as CDs or DVDs
  • The images are delivered in batches of 500MB zip files
  • The naming convention of the files is not customizable; the extract file name appears as follows:
  • Included within each zip file is a .csv file that contains the unique identifiers of the images report IDs included in the zip file
  • The historical image file delivery should not be confused with the Daily Image Extract service, which is a free service that runs daily and extracts images associated with reports extracted within the last 24 hours
  • There may be additional "junk" images included, such as unused images or images that failed to completely upload, as SAP Concur pulls everything associated with reports or invoices that are stored in the database. Those types of image files can be discarded.

NOTE: In case of images missing from the sent image file delivery, please contact the assigned consultant or open a case with SAP Concur support and provide a list of the affected report IDs. Before contacting SAP Concur support, please ensure that the missing images are attached to the expense report in the web version or the mobile app of SAP Concur solutions.
How to open a Support case :

For Historical Image Delivery Extract service (Professional only ) The SAP Concur Support case should include these details:
  • Case Type = Integration - Custom Extract/Split/Extract Services
  • Case Description: Please specify you are interested in the Historical Image Delivery Extract service. Additionally Let us know the size of the request. Do you need all historical images from day 0? Or, do you need a group of images for a specific country, Org Unit, etc? This will speed up the quote process. 

For Web Services, the SAP Concur Support case should include these details:
  • Case Type = Integration - Web Services

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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