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New Member - Level 1

The Expense Payments

Dear Concur,


I have one internet expense report submitted and approved on 25/11/2021 (ClaimID:- 7C091327CBB240289209). But I didn't receive any payment so far. Could you please check is anything wrong with the system and process this payment. And please let me know if you want any information related to this payment.



Pendela Bhargava Sai.

Routine Member - Level 2

Hi @pensai ,


unfortunately your issue can't be adressed in this forum, please check this link (Top 5 Most Common Issues That Cannot Be Resolved Here on the Community ) point 2.



Community Manager
Community Manager

@pensai you will need to check with your Finance/Accounting Department to see where the payment went. According to the SAP Concur system, the report is paid. In fact, in the Report Payment details, it says the payment was made on 11/29/2021.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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