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Hello, I am new to this.

I had to pay for a license I needed for work, and I was told by my manager that i needed to come here to get reimbursed. 

Please let me know how I go about doing this.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@tlfullmore1981 hello there. There may have been a small misunderstanding. This Community site is not where you submit expenses. This Community is a place where users can come and find resources for help, network with others and post questions. 


The website for submitting expenses is: This does require a different profile from the one you created here. Your company should have set you up with this profile already. If you are not sure if they have, then you should work with your manager to see who you should contact at your company about this. Usually it would be someone in either your Finance, Accounting, Payroll or IT Department.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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