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Prepaid card - how to manage this payment types in Concur?

Hi Experts,


Do you know if this is possible to handle prepaid card into Concur?

and if yes, how to manage the prepaid card into Concur?

Is there an integration with SAP for this?


My client has multiple payment types : cash, credit card, and 2 more cards: prepaid cards, which are the objects of this posting... They have 2 types of prepaid cards:

  • easycard (prepaid debit card)
  • prepaid card (prepaid credit card) --> for this one i suppose i will work as a "normal credit card", but i m very not sure...?

Is there a particular way for this? How to customize this in Concur Expense? and how to manage the integration with SAP?

I only found an article on concur about prepaid card, but not saying how to manage it into Concur... (

Thanks in advance for your help or advices!