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Expenses is down. I am unable to use expenses. Seeing travel, etc but can't access or use expenses.

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This too is happening to our company as well.  Do you have a timeline when this is going to be corrected, our expenses were due for our people today. so everyone is trying to finish and submit but can't...... 

Occasional Member - Level 1

This is also happening to our company as well. 

Occasional Member - Level 2

Concur Expense is down



Occasional Member - Level 3

Saw this in another thread:


Dear Customer,

As previously reported, we identified a degradation affecting your service.

Impact Prior to Resolution: In the North America Data Center, accessing Concur Expense and Request services via SAP Concur website and SAP Concur mobile app is 50 % below expected level. Affected users may experience an error "You are currently not set up to use any Concur products. Contact your Concur Administrator for assistance" when attempting to access these services. Additionally, users may experience missing Expense and Request tabs.

Start Time: 16:21 UTC on 13 June 2022

Status Update: The Incident Response Team (IRT) is currently investigating. Our next scheduled update will be in one hour or sooner should a significant change occur.


We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue. We will keep you updated until the issue is resolved.