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Charged for room I cancelled the Re-imbursed, I can't expense it

I had booked a room and then cancelled it, I was charged for the room and after proving I cancelled, re-imbursed. My problem is that I keep getting notices of the card transactions, even though I owe nothing on the card, I tried to submit both transactions, but it wants me to itemize, and I cannot because I have no receipts..

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Hello @major9999 


In our company we have activated the Missing Receipts Declaration (MRD), this means that when you do not have the charge and credit of the corporate card, and you do not have the receipts, you attach both in a report and assign them the MRD.


Click on the icon cjmarimo_0-1717009441506.png



And this popup window opens.


Click on "Missing Receipt Declaration" , select expense and click "Accept & Create"



And then the expenses appear with the icon cjmarimo_4-1717010163860.png

and the report can now be sent for approval.


This functionality must have been activated by your company's administrator.








Community Manager
Community Manager

@major9999 you do not need a receipt to itemize in this case. Just treat this as it was a one night stay. Add one itemization and enter the total amount of the charge. I would use the Comment field to explani. The refund or negative amount shouldn't need to be itemized. However, if it does, just do what you do the same thing and enter the amount as negative. 


If the system does also want a receipt, I would screenshot the two charges as they appear on your card statement and attach that. I would use the Comment field to explain this as well.


I should say that if your company doesn't have the Missing Receipt Declaration available, then use a screenshot of your card statement.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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