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Occasional Member - Level 1

Duplicate Charge showing under available expenses - but not under transactions?

Good morning,


My boss booked travel with Aer Lingus in August and was charged for the flight on 8/12 (when booked) - he submitted his receipts for the booking and it has already been approved. 


He now has the same charge showing up again in his available expenses a month later even though he already submitted a report for it. 


We have contacted the airline, as well as checked his credit card statement and there has not been a case of a double charge. Is there a way to dismiss the charge in Concur to make it go away?


Thank you. 


Kristin DeCelle

Occasional Member - Level 1

I have similar issue. I'd used my company card on 3 occasions in August & September & submitted/attached receipts to my expense report. It looks like the 3 expenses were successfully extracted for payment. I then received automatic emails from Concur that I needed to submit reports for some expenses & they are duplicates. My company informed us to wait for them to show up automatically vs manually upload, etc. I would still like to remove the 3 'older' receipts in Concur. Please advise.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@kdecelle I'm looking in your boss' account and I do not see any duplicate for Aer Lingus. Did you figure out the issue? 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi Kevin, 


Yeah, I think I figured it out.... I just deleted it. 


I have a copy of the record from his original submittal for the original charge though.

It was processed in August.

I also had Aer Lingus check for a double charge, and they did not hit the card twice.

Also on the statements, there is no double charge. So, I just deleted it? Is that cool?