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Concur Audit Services (CAS) - amount does not match receipt due to credit card fees

For those who have CAS how are you handling amounts that do not match receipt amounts due to added fees from your credit card provider for foreign currency transactions?  


The CAS team is telling me to set my rule to allow a general tolerance of x% or for me to tell all my users to add a comment in the comment box such as "difference due to foreign currency fees" which CAS can then ignore that transaction.  


Both solutions I feel are not correct.  Example I would think that the system can compare the currency values on what is on the user profile to the city of purchase on the transaction and if they are not the same than allow a x% difference.  While this example sounds good I don't like it because I the client designed it.  I feel Concur should have a standard rule/formula for this.  


Any opinions?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ns6 which rule is the CAS team telling you to adjust to have an x% tolerance. Is it a receipt handling rule or an audit rule?


Also, keep in mind that our condition builders, for things like Audit Rules, Receipt Handling rules, etc., only look at data that comes from either the employee profile, report headers, entries or allocations. Receipt images are not entered data. It is just documentation. The condition builders have no way to read the receipt. They work off of already entered data. That is why the CAS team offered the solutions that they did. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hi Kevin,  thanks fo r the reply.  The CAS team is using a CAS rule, this is in addition to receipt handling and standard audit rules.    Specifically, the rule is called:   Receipts: Amount not matching/incomplete/missing.


Again, I feel I am being offered an opinion verses a standard best practice solution that is used by 100s of clients.  My issue is not unique to my company.