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Final Data Dump

For the past 8 years, we had 2 separate Concur instances/systems.  One for the Americas and one shared by EMEAI & APAC.  We have recently merged all countries into 1 global system; whereby EMEAI & APAC were merged into the Americas system which we now call our "global" system.  Here is the BIG issue:  We want our historical data from the EMEAI&APAC Concur system.  Concur said they would provide the data via .dat files whihc we can retrieve via MS Access.  MY IT team is not confidant that all of the data will come across successfully and has concerns. Has anyone gone thru this process?  Does it work?  Are there things we shoud be aware of?

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Re: Final Data Dump

The final Data Dump Extract will be a single zip file that is made up of the following:

* Stable.zip: contains reports and corresponding entries and data that go along with approved and paid reports. Note: not all deliveries will contain this file, it is based on client configuration

* Recent.zip: contains all other data and records that were not provided by extract or not approved for payment.

* DDL.zip: contains schema definitions (SQL scripts) for the tables in the Recent & Stable files to enable the client to create these tables easily in a local database. Note: In the examples below we will use an Access Database so the script in the ddl.zip file will not be used directly.

* Each zip file will contain .txt files, one for each table in the entity database in the stable.zip or recent.zip. The DDL.zip will contain one schema definition.

Image Archives:

* Extract_images_*.exe: contains the receipt image pdf files that accompany the data dump extract. There could range between one and many of these files depending on the number of reports.


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Re: Final Data Dump

I have done this once, and am preparing to do it again in the near future for companies we have acquired.

The one I have completed only had about 1.5 years of data, but everything worked very smoothly.  All files were downloaded, quality-checked, and loaded into a database without any issues.