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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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Receipt images disappearing from Concur mobile

My mobile app seems to have "lost" all my new receipt images; 

I took photos of them a week ago (the option to save to Gallery box was at its default "Not to save to Gallery" setting)


When I looked today in the app they were all there.

I took another photo via the app of a new receipt.

When i went back in the app that image was there and then (as I watched the screen!) the rest just disappeared!


I thought maybe they have uploaded onto the receipt store on the desktop but they are not there.

Does anyone know why this might happen? From now on I will set the option to "Save to Gallery" but surely I shouldn't just lose receipt images if it is not checked?


I am on Android - Concur mobile version 9.75.0


Thanks in advance



Who Me Too'd this topic