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Who Me Too'd this topic

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Overdue Expenses Reporting

As we are preparing for year end, I've been trying to get a jump start on sending reminders to our users who have old transactions that haven't been submitted in an expense report yet.  I've ended up working off of two different standard intelligence reports: Unsubmitted Expense Entry Analysis Details (grouped by employee) and Unassigned Credit Card Transactions.


What I'm trying to do is see ALL unsubmitted company card expenses, so that I can sort by the date and send reminders to everyone who has anything over 60 days.  Since the Unsubmitted report doesn't appear to include items that are not in expense reports, and the Unassigned report doesn't include items that are, I have to work from both.  


What do all of you use in terms of reporting for this task?  Is there one that I'm missing that would give me all of that info in one place?  Did you build a report from scratch?  I've thought about doing that, but reporting is definitely not my strong suit in Concur.


Any advice would be much appreciated!



Who Me Too'd this topic