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Who Me Too'd this topic

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Removing a Cash Advance

Looking for advice from other customers based on the following scenario:


Our company uses prepaid debit cards for loading the funds from an issued cash advance in Concur. Occasionally, a cash advance gets Issued in Concur but the funds never loaded onto the card for various reasons (e.g. cancelled trip). We integrate into SAP and can reverse the original cash advance entry there. But it would be nice to have a method to remove the cash advance in Concur without submitting an expense report. Submitting an expense report with a Cash Advance Return has payroll implications for us (deducts the money from the employee's next paycheck) and then creates more entries in SAP that we have to correct. 


Today, our solution is to require the employee to receive the funds on their prepaid card, regardless of the circumstance (e.g. trip cancelled), then submit a Cash Advance Return. The money is then deducted from their next paycheck, but the funds were loaded onto their debit card, so it's a wash. Obviously, not the most user friendly process. It would be nice to have a method from an admin perspective to reconcile these cash advances. 


Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

Who Me Too'd this topic