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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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TSA Precheck Not Populating on Tickets

I have an employee who has booked Airfare on Southwest and American Airlines, has TSA Precheck but the Precheck is not populating on their ticket in Concur. 


This employee has their American Airlines reward information, Southwest rewards, and TSA information in their profile. 


When they booked 2 tips, the name lists Firstname.middlename. So on the ticket it does not pull up the TSA precheck because the names do not match.


The travel agency (Travel Inc who is a major TMC) says have the Concur admin remove the middle name.


The employee says no because they have their middle name on their precheck details.


Please Concur what do we do next? If the user has their info loaded and Concur is not generating the ticket correctly this is causing us to lose confidence in our employees booking in Concur Travel. They would rather just book direct. 

Who Me Too'd this topic