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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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Credit Card Transactions - Transaction Date or Posting Date

My company recentally enrolled into Concur. I have a few questions regarding posting transactions according to Transaction Date or Posting Date. 


Prior to using Concur, we have always recorded transactions according to Posting Date and this is also how we are billed by our credit card issuer. 

I just realized that concur records transactions according to Transaction Date. However, our bank sends the credit card feed the day after the Posting Date. This is causing a time delay and a reconciliation issue because we require employees to submit their expense report within the first two business days and to include all expenses for the prior month. This has always worked out fine, but with Concur, its an issue. 


I tried talking to the bank to see if they can send over the credit card feed the day after the transaction date, but no luck. 


Any advice, on how this should be handled ?


Thank You

Who Me Too'd this topic