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Who Me Too'd this topic

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Credit Card Integration



I want to get a credit card integration done with the my organisation's concur expense account. I have asked the bank to get the data feed enabled through the network (visa). This is WIP. In meantime, can you help me how the transactions get synced in Concur? 

1. Does the user need to map their corporate credit card in their user profile? post which transactions start syncing ?

2. Can an admin map the corporate cards of multiple employees at once through their access? Single or bulk?

3. Is there any other way to do this without involving my end employees? I have heard there is a way by which employee id as available in Concur can be mapped with the bank against the cards, which gets captured in the data feed which in turn is used an identifier to create these transaction in respective card holders Concur expense account.

Pls share best practices, and guides on this process.

Who Me Too'd this topic