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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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Cannot combine reservatrion and actual credit card charge.

Lately I have noticed that Concur is getting worse as matching up reservations with actual charges.

Ie: you make a reservation in Concur at a hotel and when the charge actually comes in after the stay, it used to do a better job of matching up the reservation (predicted cost) with the actual charge.
I have found that it has gotten worse at this lately. I have had to select the reservation and the and the charge and select the "Combine Expense" . I no longer can do this.

If I try to just expense the charge, it complains that there isn't a matching reservation. Which of course if false. It's there but the system doesn't realize it.

How do I combine the reservation and actual charge? I swear I did this in the past with the Combine Expense button.


Who Me Too'd this topic