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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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Fiori with Horizon readability

We recently switched over to the Fiori with Horizon interface ahead of the mandatory rollout and are experiencing issues with readability on viewable fields that users can't edit.  For example, mileage waypoints are not visible at all on the standard Morning or Dark system settings and can only be seen slightly on the High Contrast White system setting.

Not sure why the developers thought to make fields that customers have visible on their items, expense or invoice unreadable.  Just because they are not editable doesn't negate the need to read what they say.  I have made tickets with support on this and was told that the platform is too new, and no one is sure what can be done about this right now.  So, I am asking fellow users for feedback on the matter.

Shown below, as you can see, all other fields are visible but since mileage waypoints are not editable by anyone other than the report owner, approvers and processors can barely read that they were entered correctly as per our policy and procedures.  Help!



Who Me Too'd this topic