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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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Miles being deleted before you can upload them

I have received multiple reports from my field techs that when they are tracking their mileage Concur is deleting them before they can upload them.


Message from one:

"Concur suggested to not do Add Directly to Expense. It says it is “saved only on your device in the upload queue” so that’s where I believe to problem to be. Cause it shows it saves it, but it’s never there. It’s like a the Bermuda Triangle of my mileage"

This tech was able to use his android device without a hitch Yesterday and Today. His Company iPhone didn't track anything yesterday and missed 2 trips today on his iPhone

Then this message from another Tech:


"just wanted to let you know that the Concur app disappeared off my phone yesterday, then reappeared with a new icon? I logged back in and it looks totally different but still had the same functions to enable drive. It was working all day today, tracking my miles, but did not save anything? I had to manually enter the mileage into the app. Has anyone else mentioned this to you yet? "

This Tech is using a Company iPhone as well.


Is there an issue with iOS that I am not aware of? They have the latest versions they can get for iOS and the app is listed as 10.0.0. We use MaaS360 MDM but I don't see have anything restricting this app.


Who Me Too'd this topic