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Who Me Too'd this topic

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Travel Assistant booked trips show up as Private items in traveler's Outlook Calendar

We have a new CEO and when his Executive Assistant books travel for him in Concur (as his Travel Assistant) then when she goes into his Outlook Calendar afterwards to view the trip and make sure it's showing there sometimes it's fine, then other times she can only see it as a "Private" calendar item and can't really confirm it or go back later to see the description for what is scheduled.   Sometimes it doesn't show the travel reservation in his calendar at all.


This may not be a Concur issue and instead may be something to do with his Outlook email calendar setup and permissions, but since it doesn't act the same way every time I'm really not sure if it's coming from an issue with Concur, or with his Outlook email / calendar setup.    Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Debbie Cassell
Who Me Too'd this topic