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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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Policy Groups

Hey all,

So Policy Groups. I understand that for each Group you can set different Expense Types, and many times these groups often relate to different countries. With the different sets of Expense Types you can set different expense limits, and Audit Rules around them, but what other functions are available?

In particular, I'm interested in finding out if either of the following can be accomplished:

  1. Can there be different Cost Tracking fields available only for certain groups? Similar to how a linked list works, but instead of segmenting off values based on the field before it, allowing entirely different lists. For example, field A has these options for one group:

    "San Diego (001)"
    "Los Angeles (002)"
    "Bakersfield (003)"

    But for another group, the same field has these options:

    "Colorado Springs (001)"
    "Denver (002)"
    "Loveland (003)"

    This is just one example, but I wanted to know if it was possible. As I understand it, you cannot have two options within the same field that has the same value. Is this possible with a Policy Group? Am I wrong in my understanding and can this be accomplished some other way?

  2. Can different groups have different Compliance Rules? For instance, Group A has the option to send unused company card transaction emails to cardholders after 14 days. Group B has that option turned off. Is this possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated; thanks!

Who Me Too'd this topic