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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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New UI: Unable to select multiple expenses like old UI

We work with a travel agency that charges us a fee for every hotel we book.  On our credit card, I have 400-500 Agent Fees each month.  In the old UI, I could click the checkbox next to an expense, scroll down the page, and then Shift + Click on another expense, and it would check all of the boxes inbetween.  So I was able to select 30-40 expenses at a time and edit the comments and cost center. 


The new UI has no way for me to do that.  I am clicking each box individually, and if I accidentally don't click it right in the box and click on the line of the box, it opens a new page and I lose all of the expenses I checked. 


Something that took me 20 minutes is now going to take me a couple of hours.  

How am I able to get around this?? It's a huge setback. 


Who Me Too'd this topic