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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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Cannot remove Corporate Card transactions that have already been paid


Your answer to SteveM was very useful.

I have the same problem, I have submitted expenses and they have been paid directly to me instead of to the corporate card company. Unfortunately I couldn't stop the claim from being paid and have therefore received the money into my bank. I have paid the Corporate card company and they have received the payment and offset my account, this was done inline with the advice received from my company .

I have followed  the advice in your answer to Steve but I cannot find  a checkbox for "Personal Expense (do not reimburse)".

I searched SAP Concur again and found the following "If the expense in question has already been reimbursed or payment has already been sent to the card provider, then the user will need to add the company card charge to a report and mark it as personal. This ensures the user will not be reimbursed or the card issuer paid twice for one transaction." 

I have also tried to do this but when I select PERSONAL I get the following message: 

"the corporate card is not for personal transactions and once the Corporate Card company have been paid I will be contacted with instructions on how to reimburse my company"

Can you please advise how i should proceed to delete these expenses?

Many thanks

Who Me Too'd this topic