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Who Me Too'd this topic

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Next Gen UI - Reduction in functionality for receipt matching

We have delayed moving to the new UI due to a reduction in functionality for our expense Prepares in usability.  Our early adopters have all asked to move back to old UI for a number of reasons - one of the main ones being this:

- In the Old UI, users are able to view a receipt in the receipt store and click to match it with the correct expense line.

- In the New UI, users are not able to do this.  They must click on the expense line, which opens in a new window, and then search for the matching receipt. 


Imagine this scenario:

Traveller has 20 receipts from the same restaurant.  Prepararer is trying to match them to the expense lines.  Under old UI they could start this matching process by viewing the receipt image and then selecting the correct expense to append it to.  This is quite efficient as user can quickly view amount and date on the receipt and find the matching expense. 

Under new UI, the user has to open an expense line and then click into each receipt image until they find the right one.  They may need to open 20 images before they find the matching receipt.  

In the old UI, it takes Preparer 10 mins to submit their report.  In the new UI, it takes 30 mins.


Could we please request a review of this core functionality.  I would happily join a zoom to share the experience on the screen.  Thank you.

Who Me Too'd this topic