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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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How to debrief lodging that was mistakenly charged to my AMEX , then later was founded back

Me and my coworker paid with our corporate American Express card the dinner the night before.

The cards of each one were swapped.

Following day we paid the hotel bill using the wrong American Express cards.

I realized about the mistake, I was able to cancel the charge, my coworker returned back to the hotel counter to do the same with mine.

However the charge couldn´t be canceled.

In stead the Hotel applied founds back to my American Express card for the the exact same amount, so that the charges were canceled out.


The mater is complicated.

I would like to explain this to someone.

May I have alive help to further explain this mess and help me out ?


Otherwise should you have been in the same predicament, please replay back to me,



Who Me Too'd this topic