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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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I'm using two different bank account to receive my expenses requested through Concur. 

It's clear how to change the bank details clicking in to the profile settings.

Considering I'm requesting more than one expenses in the same time and I need that the two different expenses are sent on two different bank accounts, my question is how can I linked each expenses to the correct bank account? Which is the moment that the expenses is taking the bank account where to send the money? Is it the moment when I'm submitting the expenses or when the payment is accepted? May I change my bank account details (for a new expenses) while the previous expenses is in progress for approval and/or payment?

And in conclusion, there is any way to memorized the bank details and quickly switch from one to the other one without every time input all the Iban details? Thank you

Who Me Too'd this topic