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Who Me Too'd this topic

Who Me Too'd this topic

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Several crossed issues, both Travel and Expense

Hi, apologies for non-specific title, but I didn't feel like starting a discussion for each topic.

From what I understand, I'm using the old  UI. As an assistant, I work as a delegate.

Here the list of the issues I've encountered so far:


1.  I have a choice of flights listed for booking, but when I click to confirm my choice and move forward, I get an error like


 and my understanding (by calling helpdesk) is that there is no available place on that flight anymore., so I don't really understand why it's choosable in the first place.

2.  Travel Arrangements won't update, only itinerary does, which is very inconvenient. If I change or add something in a trip I booked, Travel Arrangements won't reflect it.

3. I receiveTravel Arrangements by email twice

3. Sometimes trips costs upon booking are in a different currency than the one set in the profile



1.  I often cannot expense a trip, even days after it's completed. I don't understand the criteria for being able to expense it or not. There used to be a link, in the Trip Library, under "Action", to "Expense trip" but I don't have it anymore.

2.  I often cannot import a trip itinerary into an expense report. I get "no itineraries available" despite having the booking/trip done a completed.


I'd really appreciate support for those situations.

Thank you, regards



Who Me Too'd this topic