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Who Me Too'd this topic

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Amazon Business - multiple Amazon logins charging to one Amex - receipts correct retention?

We are on the Professional platform and have an Amazon Business account.  We connected Amazon Business after speaking with an Amazon rep at Fusion 2022.  We asked specifically if it was possible to have multiple Amazon Biz user logins attached to one AMEX payment and have the receipts fall into the AMEX card holder's retention and not the individual who ordered.  The answer was yes.  However upon our first order placed the receipt fell into the retention of the person ordering and did not fall into the retention of the Card holder?  This person would not be the one to file the expense so no need to have the receipt in their retention.  


For example:

Tech Department Head's AMEX is the payment method

multiple team members order, each has their own Amazon Biz login but the payment is set to the Dept. Head AMEX


Is it truly possible for the receipt from any of the team members orders to land in the Dept. Heads retention and match with the AMEX entry?


Or will the receipt always flow into the retention of the individual's amazon login/concur retention regardless of the payment method?

Who Me Too'd this topic